CCCI has invested 28 years in developing a business model that incorporates real experience and true expertise in systems design and engineering. It simply can’t run if it’s not built properly and it has to be designed before it can be built. Strict adherence to all industry standards and local and national electrical codes is applied in every client program or project. Therein lies the rewards; not the risk.

Our range of services encompasses:

• Critical Facilities
• Inside UTP / STP / Fiber Optic Cable Plant
• Outside Copper / Fiber Optic Cable Plant
• Building Automation Systems
• Security
• Wireless LAN / WAN
• Cellular Systems

Our engineers will work in concert with the client's team to develop a construction documentation package that will facilitate implementation and certification. Our Professional Engineers and or BISCI RCDD’s will apply the stamping needed for permission to proceed and permitting.

With the permitting process completed, we offer the uniquely skilled technical personnel to construct or install the system(s) according to the design specifications.


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