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Projects Completed




Design & Engineering

CCCI has invested 43 years in developing a business model that incorporates real experience and true expertise in systems design and engineering. It simply can’t run if it’s not built properly and it has to be designed before it can be built. Strict adherence to all industry standards and local and national electrical codes is applied in every client program or project.

Construction & eProject Management

An integral part of our approach to managing the client project(s) includes the use of the same proven Management Control System (MCS) that CCCI has used to manage prior enterprise solutions, electrical, and construction projects. The MCS is an important management support tool that uses the internet, in-house servers, and on-site wireless notebooks to provide the project management teams with the necessary information for making informed decisions. All proposed project management personnel are fully trained and experienced in making effective use of the MCS.

Partnering & Co-Marketing

Alliances are essential to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions incorporating the CCCI service offerings and best-of-class technology or construction. These strategic alliances provide a competitive edge within the solutions offered to the client for their particular geography and market.

Inside Cable Plant

The system(s) design and build encompass certified solutions in unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), copper, and fiber optic cable. Our BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) examine each element of the client’s requirements and develop a logical AutoCAD conceptual drawing to simplify: Horizontal Distribution, Backbone Distribution, Telecom and Datacom Distribution Buildout, Paging, Sound Masking, Security, DAS, Main Equipment Room Buildout, Telecom Service Entrance, Bonding, and Grounding.

Wireless LAN/WAN

Flexibility is the key to success in today’s wireless business environments. Those applications once viewed as “non-essential” mobile technologies, such as notebooks or handheld devices, to access corporate networks are now seen as necessary tools in the workplace. The competition for information first that allows e-mail, file sharing, current market conditions, or just-in-time delivery of critical information can now be done reliably without wires.


The System(s) integration and commissioned solutions for commercial-grade equipment from all the industry-leading manufacturers will ensure a practical, sophisticated, technologically advanced and remains intuitive while easy to use.

Outside Cable Plant

The system(s) design and build encompass certified solutions in underground or aerial, copper or fiber optic cable. Our Engineers and BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers examine each element of the client’s requirements and develop a logical AutoCAD conceptual drawing to simplify: Metropolitan Area Network, Campus Area Network, Longhaul, or Last Mile.

Preventative Maintenance

Our program provides Preventative, Routine, and Emergency type restoration and response services to CCCI-installed portions of the communications, electrical or mechanical systems as deemed necessary by the client on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, including holidays. Maintenance requests (i.e. trouble reports) as submitted by the client will specify whether preventative, routine, or emergency services are required.


CCCI, founded in 1981, provides Design-Build or Build to Specification, Enterprise Cabling, Cable Tray Systems, Wireless Access Points, Cellular Boosting, AV, DAS, Sound Masking, OSP, Air Blown Fiber, and Data Center Solutions provided nationally.


  • We provide “one-stop shopping” for all facilities,

  • We have BICSI Certified Training Facility,

  • We have BICSI Certified full-time technical resources available to provide immediate support,

  • We self-perform,

  • We have directly related experience with complex, continuous operations environments,

  • We understand your requirements and performance objectives.

  • We are presently in place regionally, and licensed as Class A Electrical Contractor in 13 states, and

  • We have a current $25,000,000 single project and $50,000,000 aggregate bonding capacity.


With 43 years of industry experience, CCCI is ideally suited to meet the system(s) solution(s) implementation for every client.  CCCI has designed and or built Data Center projects ranging in size from 2,500 square feet to 600,000 square foot Hyperscale facilities.  We have completed over 2,150 design and build or Manufacturer-specific enterprise cabling projects in the Washington Metropolitan area in the past five years and over 11,000 projects nationally in the past 43 years.




The local, regional and national skylines provide for the best possible resume of our services. Literally hundreds of Aerospace / Defense, Commercial, Communications, Data Centers, Distribution, Educational, Financial, Governmental, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Professional Services firms’ make-up the present landscape as our client service areas continue to expand.

For office suites, pods, mid-rise, high rise, and campuses, CCCI can satisfy all communications, electrical and construction needs across the United States. We offer “one-stop shopping” for all facilities, have resources available for immediate support, directly related experience with complex, continuous operations environments, are in-place nationwide, and understand the requirements and performance objectives for each discipline.


Technical capability demands constant renewal of the learned skills and requires continual exchange of information to improve and offer services to the client. One of the most effective ways is through our BICSI Licensed Training Facility ensuring complete compliance with BICSI / Manufacturers certification standards. Compliance ensures quality and quality ensures client satisfaction.



Superintendents, Foreman and Field Technicians – BICSI and Manufacturer Certifications

Our formally trained Field Superintendents, Field Foremen, and Field Technicians have an average tenure of 10 years’ experience. The longest tenured certified Field Technician has 16 years of experience. Everyone has:

  • FC Construction Services Background Certification

  • Drug Tested (Random and Project Specific) 

  • BICSI and or Manufacturer Certification

  • Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) Certified

  • OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 Certified

  • CPR Certified

  • Confined Space Certified

  • Equipment Certified (all mechanical and electronic equipment)


CCCI Field Superintendents and Field Foremen capabilities include:

  • GC or Client interface

  • Planning and Lay-Out by quadrant and floor with Surface Pro tablets for verifying and updating CAD/BIM pathways horizontally and vertically as well as outside plant

  • Surface Pro tablets 

  • Cable Tray Systems (single or multi-tiered)

  • Bonding and Grounding

  • IDC and MDF construction

  • Install to Schedule and Maintain all Low Voltage Systems – Copper and Fiber Systems

  • Test and Certify all Systems

  • Coordination for Hand-Back Documentation 


Data Center Field Superintendents, Field Foremen, and Field Technicians have all the same capabilities including:

  • Cabinet Builds and Patching

  • Bracing and Anchoring

  • Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

  • Cage Builds

  • Data Hall Builds

  • Enterprise Builds

  • Hyperscale Builds



CCCI Corporate

43766 Trade Center Place

Suite 100

Dulles, VA 20166







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